Friday, January 27, 2006

Scale Models of Towns & Cities

Savvy builders that resort to using vague and misleading artist renderings of projects in order to receive necessary approvals are finding themselves battling local residents and business owners that are now demanding full scale models of proposed projects prior to their being approved.

"Large scale models, topo tables and accurate virtual architecture are the best ways for construction companies, local authorities and residents to see the true magnitude of a project prior to construction," Hans Clausen, Director and Founder of Architecte Miniatura explains.

"Using scale models, virtual architecture and topo tables in sales presentations for buildings and complexes is the norm and recent trends seem to be that they may soon become required in cities around the country," Clausen suggests.

Debates in towns and cities across the globe continue to emphasize the importance of accurate and detailed virtual architecture and scale models. Construction companies will continue to be pressured into creating large scale models and virtual architecture in order to move forward with lucrative construction projects.

Scale Models Protect Resort Towns & Cities


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