Saturday, January 21, 2006

3D Tractus: a three-dimensional drawing board

Trying to make it easier to create 3D objects with a drawing board.
This drawing table moves up and down and changes the users view of the object they are drawing.

From The 3D Tractus: A Three-Dimensional Drawing Board (pdf)

We present the 3D Tractus: a simple and inexpensive system for interaction and exploration of three-dimensional (3D) data. The device is based on a traditional drawing boardlike mechanical structure that can be easily moved up and
down while its surface height is being tracked using a
simple sensor. Users interact with a tablet or tablet PC that
rests on the surface while simultaneously changing its
eight. The result is direct mapping of virtual and physical
spaces allowing intuitive 3D interaction and data

We are pursuing several applications for the Tractus. First a 3D drawing application that allows artists
to draw line art directly in 3D. With the ability to draw 3D
curves, we plan to expand this application to allow users to
create trees and plants. Other ideas include programs that
explore 3D MRI data and allow physicians to interact and
annotate their patients’ scans, as well as tools that support
other spatial interaction and control tasks.

pasta and vinegar � 3D Tractus: a three-dimensional drawing board


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