Monday, December 19, 2005

The New Global Language

It is not surprising that a manager at Autodesk, a leading source for design and manufacturing software, would say that 3D models are becoming the universal language. I am sure they would hope so, since 3D modeling software is their product. Regardless, Robert Kross, vice president, Autodesk's Manufacturing Solutions division, makes some goods points in this article from Industry Week.

Outsourcing of manufacturing creates the environment where communication by 3D models is needed:

> Efficient communication from customer to supplier.

> Portability of supply chain to allow outsourcing

> The need to "bridge gaps in location, culture and expertise while connecting manufacturers with customers and suppliers."

His solution:
"The parameters, functions, elements, geometry, materials and surfaces of a 3-D model make up a visual lexicon, syntax, vocabulary and expression that can communicate form and function without words."

With on-demand manufacturing then the value of the product will be in the design of the object rather than in the physical object itself.

There will not be any 'counterfeit' products. There will only be unlicensed or illegal copies.

IndustryWeek : The Global Language


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