Friday, August 19, 2005

Model and Live Webcam Bring Landscape to Life

An art installation of urban landscape made from the combination of artifactured 'geography' with live action projected onto it.

The model brings a tangible presence to the place and the live webcam feed brings it to life.
Highlights the seperation between permanent and transient.

Webcams give us the possibility to have a look at distant places/times in realtime. Roermond-Ecke-Schönhauser, by Markus Kison, transforms this distant reality into something more tangible. Four webcam-streams from different parts of Europe (Denmark, crossing; Amsterdam, laundromat ; Berlin, courtyard and a marketplace in Holland) are projected on four acrylic models of the corresponding places.

see the video...

we make money not art: Live webcam-miniature of a distant place


Anonymous Cristobal said...

Rminds me of a 3D new fangled version of this-

8/22/2005 03:21:00 PM  

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