Tuesday, July 12, 2005

IsraCast: Technology in Israel

A new low cost system that illustrates immediately a 3D model of a room has been developed by an Israeli company, EZ2CAD. The system facilitates the performing of highly accurate computerized measurements inside buildings. It allows a single operator to measure a room and create a CAD (Computer-aided design) model in real time which can then be used to plan the further development of the interior structure.

The new system is composed of two units, a base station and a lightweight mobile unit called Rover. The Base station is essentially a 50cm high metallic pyramid with nine tiny RF and ultra sound transmitters / receivers built into it. The Rover is a portable unit shaped like a telescopic rod 1meter in length, which can extend up to 3m to help measure high ceilings, and other hard to reach places.

create a 3D model of the measured area with an accuracy of about 2cm within less than a second.

IsraCast: Technology in Israel


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