Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dream Keeper

Dreams are ephemeral experiences in which we all spend a third of our lives. Creating tangible objects that are physical manifestations of dreams can have personal, social and psychological benefits. For example, tangible dreams can be worn as unique accessories or collected for personal remembrance. The tangible dreams can also be shared between friends and family to deepen relationships.

Skin conductivity sensors are used to deduce the emotional state of sleeper. This information is brought to 3-D studio where a script is used to transform this into six physical forms that the user chooses from in the morning.

Objects can be 3-d printed and keep as a physical mnemonic device to keep the dream memories from slipping away.

Credits: This project originated in a class on tangible interfaces (Professor Hiroshi Ishii) at Mit Media Lab 2003. Collaboration of James Tichenor and James Dai.

dream keeper


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